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21&Different is a self-help productivity mobile phone application designed to help the user achieve WHOLE LIFE WELLNESS.

The concept centers around the creation and execution of three simple, daily tasks, across seven categories of life, for a twenty-one day time period.

Over 100 million Americans participate in New Year's Resolutions annually and only 8% claim success. In fact it's been written, that the average American must select a New Year's resolution an average of three times before claiming to successfully adopt the action.

Imagine of you could change multiple areas of your life by creating simple, daily tasks and making those tasks habit.

21&Different is designed to do exactly that. In essence, - to Revolutionize New Year's Resolution practices.

The iOS App includes:
  • A notification system to help keep you on track completing your tasks each day.
  • A daily motivational quote, once your challenge begins.
  • A Journal for each day where you can collect your thoughts during the challenge.
  • A Motivation menu for additional quotes and even a select number of our favorite motivational videos from YouTube.
  • The App even offers an Export Option so that you may save and print your tasks, journal and more!
We look forward to your helping you on your journey to WHOLE LIFE WELLNESS!

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